Friday, October 7, 2011

Richard Meier unveils personal artworks at On Prospect Park

It was an unusual occasion -- a world-famous architect presenting his own works of sculpture and collage in a building he personally designed -- but it drew quite a crowd.

"Art in Architecture: Selected works by Richard Meier," an exhibition presented inside a ground-floor space in Meier's own glass and steel tower, On Prospect Park, at 1 Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn last night, featured a selection of 56 collages and four stainless steel sculptures created by Meier between 1992 and 2009.

"I really do the collages and the sculpture for myself," Meier told his audience at a reception to mark the opening of the exhibit (see photos above), "as a hobby, a pastime -- instead of going to the movies. I wasn't so sure [the exhibition] was a good idea, but seeing how it's all been put together… It's like I've come out of the closet. And to be in this building of course, is extra-special."

The Meier exhibit, which will run until Jan. 15, is just one of many recent collections to show in the common spaces of the residential building. Last year, the building's residents came together to form an art committee, starting the Gallery @1GAP, named after the building's address on the ground floor of the property. They recently organized an exhibition by conceptual artist Raphael Zollinger.

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