Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Get a Better Deal on a Moving Truck with a Simple Trick

Go online and search for price estimates for a moving truck with any of the major companies and you're likely going to get wildly different quotes from each company. In fact, half the time, the quote won't even be close to their advertised price. It turns out renting a moving truck isn't as simple as it sounds. To get the best deal you have to work for it a bit.
You've probably seen the ads for cheap moving truck rentals before: "Moves from $19.95!" or "Reserve for just $20!" Inevitably, when you call to actually make that reservation, it turns out the cost is often twice that much, maybe more. When you start looking for a more extended trip, like cross-country, the price differences get even larger.
I ran into this problem myself when I was pricing out moving trucks for a cross country move. U-haul quoted me at $1,400. Penske was about $900, and Budget was considerably cheaper at $600. The price difference was large enough that I decided to figure out why. So, I called U-haul with my Budget quote in hand, and asked for a deal. The U-Haul representative couldn't do it, and it turns out, it was mostly because the dates I'd picked were popular days. The U-Haul representative helpfully explained that it was all about supply, and the dates I'd requested were high traffic weekends. MarketWatch confirms this pricing model:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

NYC Median Rents for July

Mapping New York City Neighborhoods' Median Rents for July

New York City can never have too many charts and maps illustrating median rents in different neighborhoods. The folks at listings website Zumper have followed up on their May pricing map with two for July, shown above, illustrating median rents for one- and two-bedrooms in Manhattan, a few neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and Astoria. Once again, Tribeca retained its "most expensive" crown with a median price of $4,200/month for a 1BR and $7,695/month for a 2BR.

The next most expensive neighborhoods were—completely non-shockingly—Soho, with a median rent of $3,550/month for 1BRs, and Greenwich Village, at $3,500/month. The best deals were to be found on the East Side, with the Lower East Side median-ing $2,395/month and the Upper East Side $2,495/month.


Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 Q2 Manhattan Market Report


Good Morning!

The 2013 Q2 (April through June) Manhattan real estate market reports are out and one thing is clear: the market is strong. According to, 4,185 purchase contracts were signed in the 2nd quarter, up 22 percent from one year ago. That’s the highest volume since began tracking this data in 2007.

That’s not the only sign of a robust market. The New York Times reports that in Q2, properties were on the market for 103 days, on average, a decrease of about 18 percent from one year ago. Additionally, sellers are getting about 98 percent of the listing price.

Despite historically low levels of inventory, sales are robust. Bloomberg, for example, reports inventory declines of nearly one-third, some of the lowest levels in over a decade.

The low inventory levels are being driven partly by the fact that some owners continue to wait to list their properties until their equity has climbed back up. In addition, there’s been a lack of new construction since the 2008 credit crisis. The new development that is in the pipeline is weighted heavily to luxury properties. Industry observers expect, therefore, that mid-market buyers will continue to face a tight market for some time.

While buyer demand and limited inventory makes for a “seller’s market,” the reports show that prices aren’t soaring. Instead Crain’s New York Business reports that prices are up 13.6 percent for condos, year over year, but the median price for co-ops is flat.

While interest from international, all-cash buyers has driven some price increases in condos, overall, tight credit and rising mortgage rates are keeping a check on rising prices. In addition, the Manhattan market has a lot of savvy buyers who resist over-buying.

In these market circumstances, sellers who price appropriately can reasonably expect to sell in a timely way and at a very acceptable price. It’s best for sellers to be aware, however, that buyers are still cautious and credit can be an issue. Accurate pricing continues to remain key.

I’d be happy to discuss these reports and Manhattan’s real estate picture in greater detail per your specific needs. Feel free to email me to set up an appointment. You can reach me at I would also welcome the opportunity to discuss your real estate needs and plans.

I look forward to hearing from you.









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