Thursday, December 6, 2012

Selling your home during the holiday season?

Too Much Holiday Cheer Could Prevent Your Home From Selling, Experts Warn.

NEW YORK CITY — These real estate agents are no Grinches, but they do want to strip your home of every ounce of tinsel, oversized Christmas trees, and reindeer sleighs in the windows.
If you're trying to sell your home during the holiday season, unpacking that big bin of holiday decorations could prove to be a big lump of coal for house hunters, experts warned.
"Try not to get a huge, huge Christmas tree," said Jennifer Lee, of Charles Rutenberg Realty, who said an oversized tree only works to make your apartment look smaller. Instead, look for a tree that's smaller, to make the living space seem bigger, she said.
Sleighs in the window? Also a no-go.
"It's cute in a way, but I think it distracts from the light and obscures the view," Lee said, adding that the decoration also blocks light.

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