Monday, November 21, 2011

Innovative use to showcase condo model apartments as pop-up markets

Even consumers who are not in the market for a new apartment should stop by some model units to shop, because in some locations, shoppers can buy everything that's inside. NY1's Real Estate reporter Jill Urban filed the following report.

Model units are designed to help buyers feel right at home, but at one building in Long Island City, Queens, all shoppers are welcome to come in, have seat, and if they like it, they can buy it.

"We’ve turned a model unit into a pop-up shop. So pretty much everything in the apartment is for sale, whether it’s a piece of art or furniture. If you like it, you can buy it," says Modern Spaces NYC President Eric Benaim.

Some developers are turning vacant spaces into temporary art galleries, but at the Yard in Long Island City, they are taking it one step further. There, the model homes are actually furnished and designed by artists, and all their work is for sale.

Benaim brought the developer and the artists' cooperative We Are Familia together for the project, and it has proven to be a win-win situation.

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